Stitch Fix Review #2

A few months ago, I received my first Stitch Fix and I LOVED it. Not only did I enjoy getting a mysterious package (who doesn’t right?), but it was fun to see what items were in the box. I loved the experience so much that I decided to schedule a 2nd Fix just in time for winter.

This is only my 2nd Fix, but I feel like my stylist has already gotten a great handle on my sense of style. This time, she sent me lots of items that were fairly basic and simple, but they all had little details that made them unique.

If you don’t already know, Stitch Fix is a personal style service! After filling out a style profile, you get paired with a stylist who selects clothing items to send to your home. After you receive your Fix in the mail, you get to try on all the items and select what you’d like to keep. Just send back whatever you don’t want (postage paid!). If you’re looking for a fun and unique holiday gift for the clothing-obsessed friend in your life, this is it! Or, you could put it on your own wishlist 😉

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Market & Spruce Damien Elbow Patch Cable Knit Cardigan – $58 – Returned

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The cable knit detail on this sweater was gorgeous. I loved how warm and toasty it was. Unfortunately, the sweater was much too large on me. It has elbow patches on it, but they sat almost at my wrists! Because of that, I sent this cardigan back.

Market & Spruce Dollie Tie Back Neck Knit Top – $54 – Kept

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This top. When I put it on, the heavens sang. My favorite thing about this top is the fit; it’s loose and flowy, plus it has 3/4 length sleeves – everything I love! Also, the unique tie back detail is perfect. I love how it adds a little something extra to an otherwise basic piece. I’ll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this versatile top!

Papermoon Kualo Bow Back Knit Top – $44 – Returned

stitch fix | stitch fix review | women's fashion | women's style stitch fix | stitch fix review | women's fashion | women's style

loved the bow back detail of this top. It was so cute! If it were made in a solid color or heathered pattern, I would’ve definitely kept it. However, the colors and pattern did not suit my personal style, so I sent it back.

Octavia Bolton Plaid Scarf – $34 – Returned

stitch fix review

This scarf was super warm and comfortable. However, it reminded me of my $7 blanket scarves from Target. After seeing the $34 price tag on this one, I decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater – $58 – Returned 

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This sweater didn’t do much for me. I liked the speckled navy and white color, but it was a little too chunky for my taste. I had the same elbow patch issue as I did with the cardigan above. Also, I could imagine the back buttons being an issue; I have a terribly bony back, so I could imagine the buttons becoming painful when leaning back in a chair.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pieces in my 2nd Fix. Tell me, which items would you have kept?

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  • Jessica K

    The cardigan 😍😍

    • Emily

      I loved it, but it was too big!

  • I like reading people’s stitch fix reviews! I tried it once and sent everything back so haven’t tried it again.

    • Emily

      I love reading them, too. I heard Stitch Fix gets better with time, as your stylist gets to know you better. Though this was only my 2nd, I feel like my stylists nailed my personal style!

  • Such cute pieces! Love those bow back tops! 🙂

    • Emily

      Me, too! They were my favorites.

  • i’ve heard so many things about stitch fix! very helpful review!

    • Emily

      I’m glad you found it to be helpful!

  • I think I would have kept all the pieces if they fit properly. The chunky sweater is my favorite piece out of all of these.

    • Emily

      Yes! I would’ve loved to keep the cardigan.

  • I love the first sweater! I’ve received StichFix boxes a few times and the size is always the hardest part. Love your post with your explanations and pictures!

    • Emily

      I’m glad you liked it!

  • Love the first two items the best – that bow!! Can totally understand not wanting elbow patches on your wrists though 😉

    • Emily

      LOL! Yes, that would be a little awkward 🙂

  • I love the bows on the back of the two tops!! The sweater looked cozy, too bad it was too big.

    • Emily

      The bows were my favorites!

  • Love that knit top you kept! Stitch Fix is great!

  • Ashley

    I always love reading stitch fix reviews! You got a lot of cute pieces!! Love the top you kept. The back is so pretty!!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Ashley!

  • Wow, great review! I love the pieces included in this post! 🙂
    They are super cute!

    • Emily

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you loved the pieces.

  • I have done stitch fix 4-5 times. I always get compliments on the things I keep (I have that same sweater as your last picture, but in a cream color), but I sent all the stuff back in my last shipment. So this post renews my belief that stitch still has some good stuff just had one bad shipment.

    • Emily

      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad shipment! I’m sure that can happen every once in a while. I hope your future Fixes are better!

  • Such cute picks! I still haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, but I need to.

    I love that first cardigan. I hate that it was too big for you. Love the top you kept too.

    • Emily

      Thanks, Jessica! It’s a fun service to use!

  • love the clothes, but I am a hairstylists and could only look at your cute hair! love the slight aline going on! I want to cut mine so bad but need it for my blog haha. Cute clothes though!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Tahnee! I took the plunge and got it chopped a few months ago. I really love it! It needs a trim though… I’m trying my hardest to hold out until the holidays are over.

  • I love the top you kept! It’s my favorite of the bunch.

  • I’ve never done StitchFix but I really want to! Everything looks so cute!

  • I hear so much about stitch fix and I’m itching to give it a try. I really like the back button sweater that you received but I understand why you returned it.

    • Emily

      Thanks, Nicole!